Asda Scan and Go

The days of seeing 18 humans at each of Asda’s tills seem now to be long gone.

Self service has been the way forward for some time and with the roll out of SCAN AND GO in recent weeks, the till area is fast giving way to automation.

In Blantyre ASDA, you may have seen the new SCAN AND GO devices in th foyer. Scan & Go is supposed to be simple. All you have to do is scan and bag the items as you shop, using the handset provided and breeze through the new dedicated automated checkouts, without having to bag all your goods at the checkout. Not a staff member in sight at those tills.

Admittedly, we found it strange at first, wondering how less tech savvy people would cope, but have got used to the system pretty fast. Whilst it is impersonal, without the chat of a till operator, it is convenient. It’s also great to be able to see how much you’re spending as you shop.

However, since it was installed a few weeks ago, the SCAN AND GO system in the Blantyre store has been met with mixed reactions according to some messages we’ve received. We’ve heard of complaints of not understanding it, some types of cards being declined after the shopping experience and other issues, like feeling compelled to use it due to the lack of human tills.

More info on the system can be found here

Are YOU using Asda SCAN AND GO? Any issues? Is it making things easier?

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