Slimdown September – 2nd Weigh in

Today is the second of four WEIGH IN days for our “September Slimdown Challenge!”

How have you done this last week?

On 2nd September, dozens of you pledged to try to lose some pounds over 4 weeks. Over 35 lbs was lost by readers in the first week alone! We’re a halfway through and it’s time to weigh yourself to see what you’ve lost this week. 

How much have you lost this week? (Don’t post your actual weight, thats private to you, just the amount you lost. If you didn’t lose anything simply don’t comment for this week.) 

So, we’ve lost another 2 lbs last week.
That’s 2lbs last week, 4lbs in total. What about you?

Getting Healthier & Fitter

The challenge aims to get as many people in Blantyre a little healthier and fitter. Shedding a few pounds can make a huge difference to your health if, like us, you’re a little overweight.

There’s still time to take part. You can join in anytime for the rest of the challenge. 

What do you need to do?

1. Eat a little healthier than usual, with less calories and
2. Faithfully do at least 10 minutes exercise per day.

That’s it! (Exercise could be something simple like walking the dog, going for a gentle walk, swimming, getting off at an earlier bus stop, a run or something as simple as walking on the school run)

We’ll add up everybody’s weight loss keeping an overall total of what’s been lost collectively. So, KEEP AT AT FOLKS! Go weigh yourself today. 

Good luck everybody.


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