More Wrong Turns

It’s been another couple of worrying days at the High Blantyre sliproad as two cars on subsequent days were observed travelling UP the exit from the East Kilbride Expressway at the junction pictured.

On Thursday 26th September one car was reported at Hamilton Road turning up on to the wrong direction of the sliproad. One lady told us, “I was coming out of Stoneymeadow Road and both myself and the driver behind him were tooting our horns at him but to no avail. Really hope he realised in time and didn’t cause an accident!”

Then, the very next day on Friday 27th yet another car was trying to drive up the same road. The 10th time this has been reported to us this year, a driver told us, “I had to slam my brakes and flash them. TBH its clearly signed so I don’t get why this is happening. Should there maybe be a no right turn side for folks who are maybe coming out of Crossbasket and don’t know this area, that you can only go left into Blantyre and can’t get to ek that way.”

Improvement works at this junction are planned to be done soon by South Lanarkshire Council.

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