San Vincenzo – End of the Road?

The normally peaceful town of Bothwell was rocked this morning, when a popular restaurant was once again targeted in a crime vendetta, that looks fuelled by jealousy.

The award winning ‘San Vincenzo’ on the Main Street has a great reputation for food and drink, popular and tastefully decorated. However, in the last year, the business has been targeted by people intent on closing it down. The measures those lowlifes have gone to have been extreme to say the least.

Vehicles have been driven through the doors into the restaurant destroying the interior, this latest time last night, when a burning red car was deliberately driven into the restaurant and abandoned.

As you can imagine the hard working owners are at the end of their tether, already renovating and rebuilding several times. Distraught, they said this morning, “Sadly they won. San Vincenzo has been destroyed. To all our customers, you supported us through out it all.. will they ever stop who knows.”

We’re sad to see this will affect livelihoods and likely mean the end of the road. We wish all the staff and owners the very best.

If it was fuelled by rivalry and jealousy, know this…. whoever is doing it, will ALWAYS be second best. And they know it!

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