Our September Fundraising

It’s the main reason this website exists! Our fundraising totals for September 2019 are in and have now been allocated to local good causes. It’s been another absolute corker of a month!

During September, Blantyre Telegraph has raised an outstanding £828.25 towards various local good causes! Since 2015, our fundraising now reaches a new updated incredible total of…wait for it…. £27,207 for 159 local good causes!

Fundraising was from various sources:

£186.00 from the sales of Edition 6 (September) Magazine.
£48.00 from Magazine Advertising.
£12.00 from public subscriptions on our website
£32.00 from public donations
£400.00 from private donations
£137.25 from the sale of Blantyre Project books.
£13.00 from Website Advertising.

Every penny raised goes entirely to local good causes, as always. We’re pleased to announce, this has been spent as follows:

£400.00 for a weeks holiday for the family of Blake Alexander, an infant who is terminally ill, given via Liam McCormick.
£100.00 to Blantyre Community Committee for the festive event.
£100.00 to buy Hyper Cyber crafts.
£89.99 to buy 5 year old Stacey’s replacement bike after thieves stole it.
£56.10 to buy 2 x new A4 three tier display stands, 2 charity donation tins and printed labels for 2 permanent new magazine outlets.
£42.40 for replacement Personalised Oscars trophies for Taylor Kennedy and for Cath McInally (who lost hers in her shop fire). 
£40.00 for the Haven via Callum Steele’s Race Fundraiser.

How to get Involved supporting the Community

There are several fantastic ways you can support Blantyre Telegraph.

  1. You can now support us offline by buying our monthly magazine. At only £1, the entire sales of that publication will go entirely to local good causes and can be bought at Jinxy’s High Blantyre, Carrigans at Broompark Road, at Family Shopper on Main Street, Ally Bally Bee on Broompark Road, Redburn Farm at Hamilton Technology Park and at Strachan Craft Butchers on Glasgow Road and Greenhall Farm Shop. More outlets will be added next month!
  2. Would YOU like to take out a recurring donation subscription to Blantyre Telegraph? From just £1 per month, and knowing it entirely goes back to Blantyre good causes, the link is here: https://theblantyretelegraph.com/subscribe-to-blantyre-telegraph/
  3. You can donate directly as a “one off” from anything from £1 directly into 12 varied, worthwhile LIVE Blantyre fundraising campaigns here https://theblantyretelegraph.com/donate/
  4. You can buy one of the fantastic NINE Blantyre History books from Blantyre Project here https://blantyreproject.com/blantyre-shop/

Thanks you to everybody who contributed this month.  For assurance, Blantyre Telegraph is entirely non profit. We retain nothing at all, not one penny. A massive thanks to all the outlets who support Telegraph by selling the magazine and of course to every person who buys it!

You can see all Blantyre Telegraph’s fundraising openly and transparently here: https://theblantyretelegraph.com/raised/

Thank you for your continued support.

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