Thanks to Jennifer

A local lady recently fell outside Blantyre Health Centre on Victoria Street and was given assistance from a kind hearted lady nearby.

The lady collapsed a week past on Wednesday and fell to her knees. Seeing she was in trouble, a health worker came out and got her back on her feet and then took her inside to see a GP. She was then admitted to hospital.

Karen Alexis Muir, the daughter of the injured woman told us, “My mum says that the women helper was so kind and even offered to come to the hospital with me if she had no one else.

I wanted to properly thank the women who I’ve found out is called ‘Jennifer’ and she works at the treatment room reception. Jennifer showed kindness and compassion towards my mum in her time of need. I also wanted to thank Dr. Smith and his staff for their ongoing care. It’s lovely to know there are good people in Blantyre.”

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