Lanarkshire Pupil Ambassadors

Several Blantyre pupils are amongst a group of 6th year ambassador pupils who are currently out in Uganda Africa.

The group includes Lewis Shevlin, Dionne Hosssack, Euan Cran and Molly Geddes part of a larger group of 5 pupils from St John Ogilvie High School and 5 pupils from Holy Cross.

Along with a representatve from Missio Scotland, the pupils are accompanied by their teachers. They left on Sunday and will be in Africa until next Thursday.

Their trip is going immensely well already. They have visited schools and are going tomorrow to visit single mums who make arts and crafts to sell.

Experiencing how different life is in Uganda and brining some of Scotland’s culture to Africa has been an integral part of their visit. The group took time to visit a secondary school spending time with the children teaching them songs from Scotland. They will also soon visit the school for the deaf. 

The pupils were involved in a lot of fundraising beforehand and have taken books, stationery, football tops and footballs out to the schools, something that was greatly appreciated.

Local lassie Molly Geddes (pictured) sent a message to her proud mother saying, “Okay, we just went to a village and it was the saddest thing ever. You’ve never seen poverty like this. And they still all came and gave us gifts and it was pretty surreal.”

Molly continued, “See when we drive past villages, people run out of their houses to wave at us and shout and sing when we drive past. The children ran out of their primary school and ran next to the van. The babies didn’t have any clothes or anything and there was a wee boy with no shoes and a Christmas jumper. St. Andrews Primary School is amazing. We taught them the ‘baby shark’ song. Going to that primary school was genuinely the best experience.”

It sounds like all the group are having a positive impact on the kids they’re visiting and as ambassadors of Lanarkshire their parents must be very proud.

Well done to all the group!

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