Riverside Local Heroes

So, a little bit more about tonight’s dramatic rescue of boy from the River Clyde. A story of bravery and of local heroes.

Just after 5pm, two boys at the riverside got into trouble, when one of them ended up in the fast flowing river. As the boy in the water struggled with the current, his friend, (whose name is unknown at this time) frantically and bravely jumped in to try to get him to the side.

A local man, William McInally (pictured) was walking his dog and seeing the drama unfold, bravely went to help, holding on to the boy as his friend got out and ran for help. None of them had a phone so alerting authorities had to be done the ‘old fashioned way’ by running off for help.

A second man, Kevin Martin was walking past and saw what was happening and with a combined effort from William, managed to help pull the stricken boy out the water to safety, sitting with him until the fire brigade and emergency services got there.

Tonight, we recognise the bravery of William and Kevin and indeed the poor boys friend who did so well jumping in bravely to save his friend! The river was flowing high after recent rainfall and by all accounts was very dangerous, making the rescue even more incredible.

The young boy, cold and tired was taken to hospital for checking, once the ambulance services arrived.

Blantyre saw some local heroes tonight and their families and friends have a right to be very proud. We’re sure you’ll join us in saying well done!


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