Timbertown Work Temporarily Suspended

You may have noticed in recent months that work to renovate the timber houses had temporarily stopped?

Following residents meetings in March and April, contractors started work at the beginning of July 2019. The work comprised of stripping down the exterior of the homes, insulating them, protecting doors and windows, roofing and recladding. The recladding work proved controversial for some people as roughcast significantly changed the previous timber aesthetics.

However, work was suspended on 14th August 2019, the scaffolding left up, work untouched since then until it recommenced last week. Some months on, whilst residents this affects have been lettered with official explanations, some people outwith this estate are asking ‘what was going on?!’

Contrary to rumours, there were no liquidations, or strikes. Nor was the suspended work due to the necessary moving of some gas meters.

The issue related to inspection approvals and planning.

Some of the renovation detailing was not approved by Building Standards, forcing a temporary halt to approvals and sign off. The issue, by all understanding, remains minor and is now hopefully resolved, although it is appreciated highly frustrating for all those involved with scaffolding up.

Work is underway again. It is understood from messages received that some timber house residents who have work planned have already parted with money.

Have you say. Have you been affected by this?

Photo Courtesy: Blantyre Telegraph


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