Ellie Devlin’s Kind Heart

Now here’s a heartwarming story. Ellie Devlin (12) is a local girl with a bg heart, who lives at Larkfield Drive.

Throughout 2019, she saved up her pocket money and birthday money to buy a much wanted apple product. However, seeing homelessness and those less fortunate than herself, the kind youngster who attends Calderside Academy decided instead she would do something charitable.

Ellie decided she would spend her savings this Christmas, buying useful items for the homeless. She insisted, was adamant and by her own doing, she bought hats, scarves, gloves, socks, wipes, hankies, water, snacks and sweets, which were all packed into individual bags. Then, she braved the weather and went around Glasgow City centre (supervised) speaking to homeless people and giving the care packages out.

She had an appreciated reaction. Everybody was so grateful, even reducing one woman to tears.

Her grandmother told us, “Ellie expects no recognition or credit for doing this. That’s not why she did it, but her mum and I think she’s an amazing caring little person that we’re obviously so proud of. We think she deserve’s a wee mention.”

We completely agree. Such a kind thing to do! A girl, everybody in Blantyre can be proud of! Ellie is pictured in Glasgow, all photos with permission from those featured.


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