Police Hunt for Two Men

A hunt is on looking for 2 men who stole a works van last night from the Wheatlands area in Blantyre.

Around 9.30pm on the evening of Tuesday 17th December 2019, two men were spotted acting nervously and suspiciously at the Barnhill area of Blantyre, alerting local residents. Both dressed entirely in black, one had a partially covered face and a backpack. Carrying torches, their behaviour alerted multiple residents, some phoning police out of concern.

They haven’t been very clever in avoiding attention to themselves. Walking from Glenfruin Road down to the lockups at Highland Avenue, the 2 men stood for a time with their torches. Then they walked up by the flats on Glenfruin Road before heading towards Bardykes Road.

The lowlifes were clearly scouting for suitable vehicles to steal as early as 9.30pm, but the idiots hadn’t counted on being captured on CCTV throughout the area.

By 2am, on what was a frosty, cold night they had made their way to Wheatlands Avenue, and were captured on quality CCTV. The thieves unaware of they were being filmed, then broke into and stole a works van, which contained a lot of equipment and tools.

The van has a company logo on the side and there’s a substantial cash reward for any positive information given which results in its recovery. It is possible they targeted other vehicles before this one in the area.

Do you know who did this or have further CCTV you can provide police? Call them anonymously on 101.

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