Help with Running Costs 2020

** Update ** This Fundraiser is now Closed! Thank you SO much. It only took 1 hour for 16 very generous Blantyre Telegraph readers this Friday morning to cover ALL our running costs for 2020! AMAZING!

If you missed this but would still like to donate something to show your appreciation, you can do so here:
where anything else raised will go to Blantyre good causes before 31/12/19.

Blantyre people are simply the best! Merry Christmas everybody.

Original Article: Are you enjoying Blantyre Telegraph’s FREE local news service? Hope so. Some people may not know this site is run by just one person. Did you know that every year I pay £235 in WordPress hosting costs/ £19 domain to run Blantyre Telegraph’s main website from my own personal money. As a non-profit page these last 8 years, this leaves me out of pocket, so this year, as with last, I’m hoping for a little help to cover some of all costs.

Can YOU spare £1 or £2 or whatever you wish if you think that’s worth the annual service Blantyre Telegraph provides to the community? Please donate to help cover my costs and then share. 

All donations entirely go towards hosting the main site. I take nothing.


In 2019 alone, I wrote up a whopping 1,165 local news stories direct to your Facebook timelines and on the main website, helping reunite lost pets and property to their owners, celebrating all that’s good in Blantyre, breaking news, crime alerts, what’s on, and covering local interest stories, in a professional, accurate manner. I did this, as always in my spare time, not seeking recognition, never taking a penny, always posting outwith my normal construction work hours, as a hobby. 

I don’t want to use income from the monthly magazine for hosting, which would otherwise go to local good causes. If you would like to kindly show your support for Blantyre Telegraph and help me out a little, even with £1 or so, please consider making a donation. Thanks and Merry Christmas.




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