Ellie Picks up her Gift

If you remember last weekend, we told the story of Blantyre girl, Ellie Devlin (12) who saved up her pocket money all year for Apple Airpods, but instead at the last minute used it all….to buy gifts for homeless people?

You may remember too, that we launched a fundraiser and handed over enough cash for Ellie to go and treat herself….

Well, here’s one happy face at the Apple Store!

Thank you once again to the following people who along with us, donated and made this kind lassie’s original Christmas wish come true! Gail G, Fairlie G, Jack J, Jo K, Murdo MacD, Sharon McC, Margaret McG, Thea McN, Jean McS, Andrea O, Helen R, Drew S and Paula V.

It was heartwarming to see Ellie’s kindness rewarded in time for Christmas.


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