Looking for Writing Columnists

Would you like a little regular column slot in the Blantyre Telegraph magazine?

We’re looking for a few local ‘guest columnists’ who would regularly feature in our monthly magazine by writing their own small articles! Your articles will be fully credited with a little picture and your name.

What do you need to do?

Simply provide one little article of less than 180 words for the end of each month. (Thats even less than the words in this post). You can write without any ongoing commitment, about anything at all related to Blantyre. Perhaps the lack of shops, or you have an idea to improve the place? Maybe something to help others like advice or help? Or perhaps you could provide a review for an event you were at? Anything at all. We’ll check grammar and spelling, so don’t worry about that.

If being in the limelight isn’t your thing, we have a great solution. Why not call yourself an alias made up name, preferring to be a ‘ghost writer’? You pick your alias. We’ll protect your ‘identity’ and keep you anonymous.

We’re hoping to get varied styles throughout the magazine to keep it interesting and involve further opinions with a greater range of articles.

What’s in it for you?

A free copy of the magazine of course, your article appearing on the website and FB page (if you want), plus an overwhelming sense of satisfaction in helping out Blantyre good causes! 😉

Let’s privately hear from you. Message us TODAY!

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