Kindness at Main Street

An incredible display of kindness from strangers took place in High Blantyre today as several people came to the assistance of a local lady.

The elderly woman had been out shopping on Main Street, High Blantyre, when just after 12.30 today, Saturday 25 January 2020, she felt faint and fell backwards, her head hitting on the pavement.

A few people passing by rushed to help including photography manager, Nicola Spence who stayed with the unconscious woman until the ambulance arrived. Another person fetched blankets and another drove to fetch help from an address found on the lady’s belongings in valiant efforts to contact her family.

The incident happened not far from the shops on Main Street, near the former Apollo Bar. The ambulance subsequently made off to hospital. Thank you to Nicola and everybody else who assisted and showed such compassion and kindness, out of their busy, daily lives.

We hope the woman makes a speedy recovery.


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