Intruders as Woman Slept

A Blantyre woman has been left shocked and concerned after discovering 2 male intruders entered her home whilst she slept.

The woman who lives at Kinnoull Place, just off Stonefield Road went to her bed on Saturday evening before midnight and awoke the next morning to discover some personal possessions were missing from her house. She told us, “I’m a very deep sleeper so I never heard a thing and was alarmed after a neighbour told me the next day what had happened. The thought of someone being in my flat while I’m alone asleep is terrifying”

The neighbour around 3.30am on the morning of Sunday 26th January 2020, saw 2 males leaving the woman’s house and acting suspiciously. Knowing something wasn’t right, he followed them for a time until they left the housing estate. They’re described as ‘thin built’, one in a grey tracksuit the other with a black tracksuit. The male in all black had a big black fabric bag which he was struggling to carry. The woman, who is disabled was alerted in the morning.

She is asking for help by making people aware with this post and if anybody knows more. Perhaps can check residential CCTV in the Kinnoull place, Winton Crescent or Camelon Crescent areas? The thieves were observed walking across the road to Winton Crescent and cutting through a lane that takes you out at the flats at Camelon Crescent towards Stonefield Road.

Police were called. This was described as opportunistic, rather than targeted. It’s a reminder for everybody to always lock their doors before going to bed.


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