February Edition Out Now!

Edition 11 (February) of our ‘pure brilliant’ Monthly Magazine is out today!

At a low price of just £1, all sales go entirely to local good causes. We retain nothing!

Featuring some articles deliberately held back from the websites ensuring you get fresh, new content and some stories you’ve not seen before! This months A4 magazine is crammed full of more amazing articles not just reflecting on what’s been in the news, but what’s coming up too. Becoming further established with many outlets it extends the reach of Blantyre Telegraph beyond the 18,104 people on the Facebook page and website.

Where Can you Buy It?

Blantyre Telegraph Magazine can be bought from these 12 great outlets:
Jinxy’s Bakery in High Blantyre,
Family Shopper on Main Street,
Strachan Craft Butchers on Glasgow Road, 
Ally Bally Bee Nursery on Broompark Rd, 
Carrigans, in the bar on Broompark Road,  
Redburn Farm Inn at Hamilton Tech Park,
Greenhall Farm Shop & Cafe, High Blantyre,
The West End Bar, Glasgow Road
The Cafe, Blantyre Industrial Estate,
Cut Above, Salon on Glasgow Road
Blantyre Family Dental Care, on Broompark Road and
Bardykes Farm Nursery School, just off Bardykes Road.

Just pop your £1 in the red Telegraph collection tins and take a copy from the racks! Thank you to all our outlets and advertisers for their ongoing support. Your support is appreciated and making a difference!

Digital copies are also available online for download here https://theblantyretelegraph.com/shop/ but those are subject to a small additional charge (due to unavoidable Paypal fees).

We’ll be announcing January fundraising totals in the coming days.


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