Springwells Medical Assistance

Local people came to the aid of a man requiring medical attention yesterday at Springwells.

Between 2pm and 3pm yesterday, Tuesday 11 February 2020, a male driver in a Red Fiesta ’68 car became unwell behind the wheel near to Lidl on Glasgow Road.

A local man and his partner and 3 other ladies saw what was happening and called an ambulance. Paramedics came quickly and the kind assistance ensured traffic was directed around and away from the incident. One lady who was a nurse, made the gent as comfortable as possible.

The group of people who helped simply want to know if the man is ok and if he made a recovery at hospital, concerned about his wellbeing. They also want to ensure he got his car back safely. They’re not looking for any recognition, just caring people wanting to check up on how the man is now.

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