Ben Guthrie’s Kenya Visit

Here’s a nice story. Before setting off to visit his pal in Kenya, local man Ben Guthrie heard that some of the people in the area were needing football kits. The 07’s at Blantyre Soccer Academy held an appeal looking for any old, but decent kits and they received a tremendous response from parents. There was soon quite a load of kits, which Ben arranged to take on the flight with him.

Ben relayed the delight on the kids and youth’s faces after they received their boots & kits and as his photo shows, it was a good result all round!

Ben & a few of his friends are booking up to go back next year again so anyone who’d like to donate anything towards this, please keep an eye on Blantyre Soccer Academy’s facebook page.

Well done to the parents of the 07’s & congratulations to Ben for his kindness and thoughtfulness.

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