Blantyre Women in Coronavirus Drama

Two Blantyre women are amongst many hundreds of holidaymakers in a Tenerife hotel locked down for coronavirus.

Karen McQuade and her friend Phoebe who both live in Blantyre spent a lovely holiday last week in Tenerife in the Canaries. However, their travel home was affected when a sandstorm closed the airport preventing their return. With flights cancelled, Holiday reps moved them last night to a 4 star hotel until the airport re-opened, but this was far from an extended holiday. The hotel the friends were moved to was the ‘H10 Costa Adeje Palace’, a hotel which earlier today, Tuesday 25th February 2020 was on lockdown by authorities after an outbreak of Corona Virus was discovered. 

Incredibly, the friends found out when a note was put through their hotel room door, asking for them to stay in the hotel due ‘for health reasons’. They initially had access to much of the hotel, but authorities this afternoon asked guests to return to their rooms. 

The virus is thought to have made its way to Tenerife via an Italian Doctor who stayed at the hotel and has subsequently tested positive. 

Karen has been sending photos and updates throughout the day over to Blantyre Telegraph as the situation developed. The worlds media has turned its attention on the hotel with some reporters even phoning hotel rooms.

Police arrived this morning, setting up a cordoned off area around the hotel preventing ingress and egress. 

From her hotel room, Karen told us this afternoon, “I don’t know when we’re getting home. There are no reps here. The airline we’re travelling with do know we’re here but have asked us to ‘sit tight’ at the moment. It’s a nightmare not knowing what’s going on!”

Doctors arrived at the hotel just after 1pm GMT to start testing everybody there.  The hotel arranged some food for them just after 3.30pm but everybody still confined to rooms. The situation is currently fluid and ongoing. Even if UK authorities intervene, there may be a possibility of further quarantine or testing.

Both women, who are nurses feel fine and are currently awaiting test results. Karen is pictured in our photo during a happier, earlier part of her holiday. We wish them the very best and hope the situation resolves itself soon.


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