Coronavirus vrs Flu

With workplaces over Scotland now taking advance precautions, giving out advice to employees and South Lanarkshire Council providing advice to schools, with a decent audience on this page, we thought we’d post some protective advice about Coronavirus from a reliable source.

For assurance and as a disclaimer: The following words in this article below are provided from experts via medical websites and are not our own.

“Whilst some symptoms are common to both Coronvirus and flu, there’s a difference in some symptoms which can help alleviate any concerns and avoid unnecessary trips to GPs or hospitals.

Flu, unlike Coronavirus will give you a sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle ache, headaches and fatique. Coronavirus however, will leave you with a decisive shortness in breath and difficulty actually breathing.

The best protective advice against viruses is to regularly wash hands. Sneeze or cough into tissues, discarding them immediately afterwards and use hand sanitisers. “

These slides from this trusted source [] provides protective advice to help try to stop this virus in its tracks.


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