Pothole Complaints

We’re received several messages over the last few weeks about the number of carriageway potholes, quoting specific locations in Blantyre.

Whilst we understand the concern of residents who have ended up with damaged cars and tyres, Potholes CAN be reported directly to the council online. All complaints will be actioned shortly after. Report them here: https://www.southlanarkshire.gov.uk/info/200232/roads_lighting_and_pavements/337/road_and_lighting_faults

We don’t mind helping once a year by compiling a list of where the potholes are and sending it off on a collective basis. In previous years this has resulted in swift action, perhaps the council wishing to avoid any sort of media attention. So we’ll make a list.

Tell us below where any bad pothole are in Blantyre, providing a specific location, eg. outside 123 Sample Road, or at the corner of x and y street etc and we’ll hand the list to the Roads Dept midweek.

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  1. I reported the potholes a fortnight ago at the top of my street. I got an automatic email acknowledgement stating an inspector will be out to review them within 5 days. In fairness to the council the workmen were out within 3 days, however, the quality of the workmanship is very shoddy to say the least. It is a very poor job and its disgraceful that the council thought that was an acceptable fix.

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