Our Pothole Survey Results

Letter to Council’s Roads Dept – Following our pothole article last week, we’ve now collated all reader comments and identified a priority list of potholes throughout Blantyre’s local streets which require to be filled.

A letter to South Lanarkshire Council’s Roads Department has been written on YOUR behalf, asking for remedial action to be taken as promptly as possible in the interests of public safety and to avoid damage to vehicles.

The potholes identified are:

1. At 120a Main Street, B7012 High Blantyre
2. At B7012 Main Street heading west at Auchinraith
3. Stoneymeadow Road near junction of Dalton.
4. B7012 Main Street near Old Parish Church.
5. Hardie Street turning into Morris Crescent.
6. Glasgow Road near Station Road junction, near Glen Travel.
7. Mayberry Place adjacent to St Joseph’s Church.
8. Calder Street at the corner of Craig Street near Welfare.
9. Bottom of Victoria Street next to Blantyre library
10. Bottom of Lime Grove at junction of Devondale Avenue.
11. Lime Grove near junction of Carlowrie Avenue.
12. Morag Avenue at junction with Coatshill Ave.
13. Council Car Park on Stonefield Road next to the Priory Inn.
14. Harkins Avenue near junction of Burnbrae Road.
15. Hillview Drive
16. Logan Street
17. Hamilton Road B7012 turning left on to Hunthill Road
18. Junction of Parkville Drive and Burnside Crescent (Glasgow road end)
19. Selkirk Street
20. Jedburgh Street
21. Nursery place into Muir St.
22. Stewart Avenue
23. Main Street at junction with Auchinraith Road
24. Zambesi Drive

A separate letter will shortly be written to address the other comments relating to Trunk Roads including concerns about the A725 EK Expressway.

In previous years when we’ve done this, potholes have been filled quickly. A reminder though, we’re still in winter and such this type of work normally happens when the risk of frost, snow and ice has passed. We’ll be keeping an eye on this and will provide an update when a Council response arrives. Thanks to everybody for their input.

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