Asda Staff Kindness

Taken time this lunchtime to share another story of kindness in these trying times. Just one of many coming in.

Erin Alexander lives in Blantyre and shared this story. She told us, “My Gran (85) and Papa (89) made their way into Hamilton by bus on Monday and walked all the way down to the Asda to try and get powdered milk. Unsurprisingly there was was none! Disappointed and facing a long walk all the way back up the hill to the bus station they made their way out of the shop. Unbeknownst to them, nearby 2 members of staff at Asda had heard them discussing their intended long walk back. Erin’s grandparents are particularly vulnerable because of their age, underlying health conditions and they also still have a disabled daughter at home with them.

Without hesitation, one of the female Asda workers kindly offered the worried elderly couple a lift to the bus station and went a step further in actually running them all the way home to High Blantyre, when she found out they lives so close by!”

It’s so nice to have faith restored in humanity in these trying times and well done to Asda and the 2 workers there for their compassion and understanding.

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