Twins Kindness at the Boots Queue

Every day in this health crisis, we’ve been posting about a daily kindness in Blantyre. Something heartwarming, to uplift all our hearts and remember now more than ever, this is time to be helping others. Today, we have to say well done to Blantyre twins, Chloe and Aimee Glen.

These young women, braved the cold this morning and set out to give a little kindness and comfort to dozens of people queueing up at Boots Chemist in Victoria Street. Facing long queues and long waiting times to enter the chemist, people stood in the cold for hours.

Along came Chloe and Aimee and armed with hot teas and coffees , freely distributed the hot drinks to people in the queue!

Their efforts benefited many people today and we’ve been inundated by messages asking to thank them both. It’s said twins often share the same traits and kindness and compassion for others certainly runs in this family! Well done.

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