Please for PPE Equipment

An important plea received tonight:

“I’m not looking for a thank you or a your doing a great job. I have been nursing for 14yrs, and I’m about to enter probably the most difficult time in my nursing career. Myself and colleagues at Kilbryde Hospice are about to provide end of life care for Covid-19 patients, for those who are beyond medical and ventilation help.We will be working in a small window of opportunity for their loved ones to allow them to say goodbye. I’m asking for help to provide or donate the following PPE equipment to allow us to deliver this care safely

They require:

FFP3 Masks (preferable, we will take FFP1 masks also)

Surgical Disposable Gowns

Fluid Repellent Surgical Masks


Shoe Coverings

Hand Sanitiser (must be higher than 60% alcohol)

Is anybody able to assist? We know Blantyre Family Dentist helped out today, so well done to them, but more is needed. Arrangements for dropping off can be made directly with Kilbryde Hospice.
Tel 01355 202020 Address: McGuinness Way, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 8GJ

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