Day 6 of 21: Keeping an Open Mind

Here’s a little request for ‘compassionate caution’ to anybody who witnesses others in supermarkets who are coughing. All is not always what it seems.

We’ve received messages to remind our community to be mindful that others have hidden disabilities, to keep an open mind and kindness in their hearts.

One lady told us, “I’ve just had an awful experience in Sainsbury’s, East Kilbride during elderly/vulnerable shopping hour. My son is autistic and him and I both have asthma and deemed high risk in this pandemic. The looks of disgust from fellow vulnerable citizens in store was heartbreaking even more so when a member of staff challenged me because I’m young (mid 30’s) with young kids and no clear vulnerability.

A member of staff came to help me when I became upset and she realised the pressure we’re under and went and gave me a sunflower lanyard so colleagues can identify a young shopper with ASD. I have a lovely friend who is laminating a sign for the lanyard which will help with others understanding but I think that encouraging others to look out for each other and displaying love and kindness as opposed to challenging one another will really go a long way in these scary times.”

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