Day 8 of 21: Homeless Consderations

How can we get involved

We’re now into the second week of ‘lockdown’ in the UK. Hope everybody is well and staying home. We’re all slowly getting used to a temporary different way of life, but we should be mindful of people all over the Blantyre still needing help. You can read more about how our local community has come together to help vulnerable people, infirm & elderly, isolated or simply in need of assistance

here: where you can also get involved.

Today, we turn consideration to homeless people, who are still falling through the support net. Temperatures are still cold in Scotland so if you have ideas or suggestions to add to the BOCS group on how to support homeless people, these are most welcome.

Elsewhere in the world, pictures have emerged today of Nevada state authorities in the USA painting white lines on an empty carpark to ensure homeless people maintain social distancing! A shocking picture. There’s more to that story as it follows the closure of an indoor shelter due to Covid19, the shelter moving everybody outdoors until 3rd April.

The message for all has to be: Be kind to others. Look out for neighbours. Stay at Home. Protect the NHS. Save Lives.
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