Patience & Respect for Workers

We’ve unfortunately got reports that innocent folks have been verbally abused waiting in Chemist queues. It’s clear people are more anxious than usual in these strange times and one lady has had enough and asked for this post.

Yes, the queues can be long at times. Yes, it’s frustrating when things move slowly or you find that something has run out when you get to the front. But c’mon folks. There’s no need to abuse others and especially the hard working chemist staff who are working under difficult conditions. They should not need security to manage queues. They’re simply doing their jobs under straining circumstances and are of course providing a vital service for our community. Chemist staff shouldn’t have to feel like nervous wrecks at work..

A big shout out to them! These essential workers, like all others are doing a wonderful job during this pandemic and we’re sure we can all manage some respect and patience when collecting our medicine and prescriptions.


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