Cars Broken Into

It’s been pretty quiet in terms of break ins in recent weeks, as you would imagine if everybody is at home and not outdoors. However, that relative calm was broken 2 nights ago with the report that several cars had been broken into in Glenfruin Road.

The pattern continued last night in the early hours of Tuesday 7th April 2020 with further car breakins at nearby Iona Path.

A new car in particular was targeted and whilst they broke in, thankfully they were unable to take the car itself. Bizarrely, there was nothing of value in the car although the service book and a sat nav usb connector was taken. Police were called out to these incidents.

Clearly there’s somebody out in evenings on the rob. Please take care, ensure your car is locked, valuables removed or not visible and ideally keep an eye on your parked cars whilst they’re in the same position for long periods of time.

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