Day 19 of 21: Outdoors Exercise

It’s been a nice, sunny day today in Central Scotland. Aside from a rainy blip forecast tomorrow (Sunday), the weather from Monday is be settled, dry and sunny for the next 2 weeks.

With ‘lockdown’ expected to be extended on Monday, the better weather will no doubt have people taking to their gardens and for walks. The Government however, have the same message, NOT to drive to other locations unless absolutely necessary. Stay local for daily exercise. Maintain safe social distancing of at least 2m.

Being outside for daily exercise is currently a freedom we shouldn’t take for granted or abuse.

Let’s keep in mind, there are people in high risk groups, staying at home for 12 weeks, self isolating who WON’T be able to go beyond their properties for another 9 weeks, some without gardens or outdoor space. Be kind to each other. Let’s look out for those people especially in these difficult times.


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