Thank you Spar

We’ve received a message from a lady wishing to remain anonymous, saying, “I just want to say a huge shout out to Spar on Coathill Avenue.”

She continued, “The owner/manager and sales assistant could not have been nicer to me after I popped in after work still wearing my NHS ID badge. They were so helpful and gave me away an item free of charge after much arguing with them not to.

I always get excellent service anytime I’m in from all the friendly staff.

Glad to see they are limiting certain stocks so everyone has a chance to get what they need and they are taking social distancing seriously asking customers to leave a gap to avoid unnecessary risk.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart that we have some decent human beings around in such a difficult time.

* Don’t mention my name. I don’t want the thanks for being NHS staff when it should be thanks to the brilliant staff and store owners for understanding and adapting in this difficult time.”


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