Home Hairdressing

Ok, let’s admit it. Most of us need a haircut now. (The ones with hair that is!)

If you’re not lucky enough to be living with a professional hairdresser or barber, then you may have asked a family member for “a tidy up”, or perhaps, for the more brave, tackled it yourself?!

Blantyre woman, Helen Robb is NOT a hairdresser, so needless to say family were a little on edge when she cut their hair. The challenge certainly was daughter Caitlins long locks, which were chopped short.

There was a good reason beyond lockdown. Caitlin was suffering headaches due to the weight of this hair, so Helen decided to help out due to being unavailable to get the hairdresser. Quite a change as you can see! Helen and Caitlin now plan on donating the hair perhaps to make real wigs, something the Little Princess Trust may be interested in. All in all a result!

Helen got chatting further and wondered if there’s been people out there who have had any hairdressing “home disasters”, perhaps a trim or colour that “went wrong”? Maybe instead kids being off school have decided to get a more adventurous home haircut or style?

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