Masks for Scotland

Medical Staff are facing Coronavirus without adequate PPE. Let’s get them the protection they deserve.

Quite rightly, the limited amount of PPE in Scotland is prioritised for staff working in Intensive Care, BUT this leaves many community staff, such as GPs, Community Nurses, Ambulance Staff, Carers and Social Workers, less well protected, even though they are the ones coming into our homes to assist us if we are too unwell to get to a hospital.

A number of Scottish actors have got behind the ‘Masks for Scotland’ campaign, but it still needs much more traction and to be shared.

We’ve all see the success of 100 year old Tom Moore’s walk which has raised over £12m for NHS. However, it’s been pointed out though that this will likely all go to NHS England, making such Scotland only appeals, just as important and needing to be shared too.

£15 buys a gown and a mask
£100 protects 6 medical staff a day.

‘Masks for Scotland’ really, really need your help to buy PPE equipment for Scottish medical teams. Your donation will save lives. Not just those of the medical staff but of their families and the patients they treat. 

Whatever you can give, nothing is too small and 100% of money donated goes directly to getting the necessary PPE to Scotland’s frontline medical staff.


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