Thanks for Caring Asda!

Ok, enough birthdays for one day. What else has been happening today in Blantyre? Well, Alison Glen and her family including daughter Orlagh (pictured) would like to thank you to all the staff in Asda, Blantyre.

Orlagh is the sweetest wee girl and is non-verbal, very sociable and loves interaction. Almost all the staff in Asda know Orlagh and are so accommodating in interacting with her, to the extent they ask what the makaton sign is for hello, goodbye and thank you so they can sign to her as well.

Alison told us, “As a family, it is very heartwarming to know that even as big a company as Asda is, their staff are very much a big part of Orlagh’s everyday life as her family and friends are. Especially in these difficult times the staff still make a point of speaking to Orlagh at a distance whether they are in work or not, and we just want to know they are appreciated.”


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