Attempted House Break In

Frustratingly, the recent spate of attempted breakins continues, this time more blatant during the daylight hours.

Around 2.30pm today, Thursday 7th May 2020, two males attempted to gain entry illegally into a house in Maxwell Crescent Blantyre using a screwdriver. As they prodded the window it attracted the attention of the male houseowner, who confronted them.

They then tried to do damage to his property. One man is described as around 5ft ish and appeared under the influence, with blonde scruffy facial hair. Dressed in a navy hoodie and jeans. The other was about 6ft wearing a black hoodie and jeans.

The houseowner told us, “Both myself and my partner were in the house at the time with our cats. Upon confronting the pair, they still persisted knowing that we were in the house.”

A reminder to always call police in the first instance for any suspicious activity or crime related incidents, including observing such break ins. We hope the resident wasn’t too alarmed and that these two individuals are caught soon.


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