Shameful Fly Tipping

We’ve posted a few times this week about fly tipping at various places in Blantyre. As the tips remain closed this week, reopening of recycling centres is currently under review.

Our recent poll this week had over 3,400 people taking part and concluded that 92% of you think it’s the right time to re-open tips in order to prevent fly tipping escalating. Of course that decision has to be made on the grounds of when its safe to do so.

Meantime, all these photos were taken in Blantyre yesterday showing the extent of the growing problem. Taken at many places around Blantyre, it shows the disregard some people have for the environment and the lengths they’re going to, to get rid of their excess waste! The problem is particularly bad just off Blantyreferme Road and at Calderside.

Let’s try to avoid further scenes like this. One thing’s for sure, a BIG clean up of our surrounding greenspaces is going to be needed soon.


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