‘Flux’, Locally Directed Sci-fi film

When East Kilbride man Antony Scott set out to make an epic Sci-fi film, little did he realise what a journey he was embarking on.

A dedicated effort which not only saw his brilliant full feature film eventually completed, but a journey that also saw him marry a Blantyre girl!

Director, Antony Scott’s film “Flux” started out originally as a short film in 2015 for UWS University. After positive feedback, he saw the potential to develop it making sure it wasn’t like any other Scottish film. The decision was made to develop it into a feature film!

Antony told Blantyre Telegraph this evening, “People always told me it was impossible to make a sci fi film in Scotland, especially one with 20 genres in it. There’s horror, western, superhero etc. The challenge was accepted.”

Incredibly, the project was self funded. Anthony worked in different jobs and started developing the movie in 2016. His interest and efforts paid off and he landed a job working on Hollywood movies, Avengers Infinity War and Avengers Endgame (both in 2017) and it was there, where of course he met his lovely wife, well known Blantyre woman, Elizabeth Freer.

“She was the key, her skills and experience brought it all together. She helped me by motivating me to never give up and compete it.”, he told us.

Being self funded, most people involved were happy to help and volunteer for free as the project was so different and original. There were no sponsors.

A premiere at the GFT is planned later in the year once lockdown ends.

Antony added, “Thank you once again to all our cast/crew and of course all our followers. I always promised it would be worth the wait and hopefully you will love it. The critical feedback from my producers was very much appreciated. Getting it to this stage was tough and I believe we have an awesome trailer! Also thank you to the brilliant team over at 8 Acre Films for your feedback and our original score.”

Please have a look, give a mighty thumbs up and share.


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