How Life May Change #1

Throughout this coming week, we’ll be looking at just some of the ways our lives may change in a post Covid19 world. There’s no doubt that a return to how life was in February 2020 is going to be some time off and even when restrictions start to get lifted, things are going to be different.

In today’s article we look at a dependency on Technology.

Prior to the pandemic, video conference calls by most businesses were a means to an end. A second alternative behind a much more preferred face to face meeting. That close interaction between people in a same room, being able to see their faces and movements, important for social relationships.

Zooming, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and Facetime Video contact has become the norm. For many people in the business world continuing to work from home, technology has played an important part. Not just in business too, but in being able to keep families connected.

This has been true for ourselves with family in different places in Scotland and a weekly Sunday evening zoom call has become normality, a welcome event to look forward to.

People are now using these digital platforms much more for keeping in contact with friends and family, for business and even keeping fit. It’s been a lifeline and important for wellbeing, especially for those in high risk groups, unable to be outside.

Families have relaxed their rules about “Screentime” for their kids, a huge culture difference from just a few months ago.

The pandemic has been a huge test for infrastructure. Broadband on thew whole has proven it can cope with a country in lockdown and showing a resilience for its expanded use, even before 5G arrives.

Digital conference platforms have changed our lives, like it or not. Whether it’s a desire to work from home more in the future avoiding large commutes, or use to keep in contact with clients and customers, it feels unlikely these digital tools will simply vanish. Perhaps we’re on the cusp of a revolution in how many of us work?

Have YOUR say? Have you been using digital conference platforms for anything at all these last 8 weeks? Will you continue to use them? Or is this all just a temporary necessity for this technology?

Article by Blantyre Telegraph

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