Scotland Announces Phase 1

First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has today held a press conference this lunchtime announcing a slight easing of restrictions in Scotland.

The advice takes all Scottish people into a mandatory Phase 1 of Scotland’s routemap through the Covid19 Pandemic. The first steps will focus on outdoor activities and generally helping the wellbeing of all.

Taking effect from tomorrow, from Friday 29th May 2020:

  1. People will be allowed to meet outside with one other household at a time, so long as they keep a two-metre distance. Up to 8 people.
  2. Sitting or sunbathing in parks and open areas will be permitted. Welcome news for those who don’t have gardens.
  3. Some outdoor non-contact sports such as golf, fishing, tennis and bowls will now be permitted. Where you can safely keep 2m apart.
  4. People will be allowed to travel for recreation – preferably by cycling or walking – although they will be asked to remain “where possible” within or close to their own local area. A maximum distance is 5 miles.
  5. Garden centres and recycling facilities will reopen.
  6. Takeaway and drive-through food outlets will no longer be discouraged from opening.
  7. Some children’s care and healthcare screening programmes will resume.

The message is still try to “Stay at Home” where possible. Work from home if possible. It is still not permitted to visit others homes unless you are providing support for somebody vulnerable. Schools in Scotland will not re-open to non key worker’s pupils until 11 August. Hairdressers, bars, restaurants and non essential shops will remain closed for now. You should not travel to island communities or tourist hot spots.

This new phase will be accompanied by the launch of a nationwide “test and trace” strategy, which will see everyone who has had close contact with a person who tests positive for the virus having to self-isolate for 14 days.

The number of people who are dying with coronavirus in Scotland has fallen for four consecutive weeks, with the number of patients needing hospital treatment and intensive care also decreasing.

The measures will be under continual review and another major update will come in 3 weeks time on 19th June 2020.


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