Invasion of Yellow Spiders

Clusters of little yellow and black “clumps” containing hundreds of tiny spiders are cropping up across the UK.

Thousands of the bright yellow arachnids have been spotted in their throbbing masses clinging to door handles, cars, bins, walls and garden plants the length and breadth of the country.

Prompted by the good weather, these clumps are hatching with thousands of spiders inside. They’re common garden spiders and not dangerous.

However, for those who don’t like spiders, the bad news is they’re only going to get bigger. 

Be warned – don’t try and lay a finger on them…unless you want the fright of your life. According to the British Arachnological Society: ‘If disturbed, the bundle of babies will “explode” into dispersion, with individual spiderlings dispersing away from each other on tiny silken safety lines.

‘Once the danger has passed, they climb back up the web and form a nesting clump again.’

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