Making Pavements Safer

A polite notice to communities not just in Blantyre but nearby too. A partially sighted individual, is finding it increasingly difficult to walk her usual routes around the area. There are countless bushes/trees overhanging onto and dominating the pavements in Blantyre and beyond not always the fault of the council. Some overgrown from private properties.

Navigating can be difficult, sometimes forcing a route close to the kerb. Her long cane helps her navigate a way around using reference points, these overgrown obstacles often disorientate her and are difficult to manoeuvre around safely. Over head dangling foliage on public paths, also posed a danger too as they’re a facial hazard.

Whilst many people currently have increased time availability during these times, why not maintain any foliage overhang from your property, to make the pavements safer for all. Please share to try help the wider community!


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