About Turn for English Schools

The plan for all primary school years in England to go back to school before the end of term is being dropped by the government.

In a dramatic u-turn prompted by low attendance, further science based studies and parental concern, the UK Government has announced it will ditch plans to return in this term. There had been an aim for all primary pupils to spend four weeks in school before the summer break.

This plan is no longer thought feasible and instead schools will be given “flexibility” over whether or not to admit more pupils. Head teachers’ leaders said it had never been a practical possibility.

Earlier in the week, a school in the south of England confirmed 2 pupils had contracted Coronavirus, but were otherwise feeling fine.

Today’s news comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock conceded at Monday’s Downing Street briefing that secondary schools in England may not fully reopen until September “at the earliest”.

The announcement does not affect Scotland, where schools are returning on 11th August.


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