Colin’s remarkable Journey

A slimming world inspirational story sent in by Colin MacMillan.

“My name is Colin Macmillan age 62. 26years ago I had lost 4st 13lb and felt great. At that point I started to work as a slimming world consultant and really enjoyed helping others to achieve their dreams.

Over the years I have slowly gained all my weight back and more. I took one of my members down to man of the year . It was on the way down talking to Derek in the car that I realised I was embarrassed about my weight and was dreading the photo session. Derek looking good Emile looking buff and then Mr Blobby (Me) on the end (SEE PHOTO) After a day of inspirational stories we headed home .

On the way back I got a text from Slimming World saying that all consultants were being given a 12 week count down which means free classes. but we had to go to another class and stay to image therapy. So on the Thursday morning I headed off to stay to a class like any other over weight person and was greeted like any other person by my consultant,

When I weighed in I was 23st 4lb Shock horror I left class determined to give it my best shot. When I went home I cleared out all the goodies ,wrote a set eating plan and went shopping. I wont lie and say it was easy but I made the right choices all week and lost 9.5lb in the first week . This felt great and I got my first award . Week two I was going on holiday up north but was determined to take stuff so I could stick to the plan.

On the Thursday my wife and I travelled an hour to class and stayed 6.5lb off 1st and slimmer of the week awards then an hour back to holiday venue . Stuck to plan with a fish supper as a treat 48syns (I left 8 chips) I would never have done this before Week 3 weigh in another 5.5lb off another 2 awards. By now I was hooked and on plan . My family were right behind me and kept asking me how I was going . I couldn’t wait to tell them each week My own class started to ask me what I was doing and for the first time in a long time I could say Sticking to the plan I made sensible choices when we were out socially and kept on plan.

I am a volume eater and on Slimming world you can bulk eat My idea of heaven. The weight kept coming off and the awards kept coming. By Christmas I had 4 1/2st off and had said I would lose weight over the holiday period. When I went on the first week in January I got my 5st award. My clothes were to big (size 58 chest 4xl and 48inch waist) and I went shopping . Lifted clothes 1 size down and the assistant told me it was still to big( down to 2xl and 42waist) so chuffed.

Shopping usually meant glance at rails or into slaters fat man section. After 32 weeks on plan I got a real shock 6lb on Ouch wouldn’t describe how it felt. That was a bad time to gain as the next week the Covid 19 virus struck the world .Class’s were closed and I put on another 2lb due to being house bound. I had to find a way to occupy my time so I would stop grazing . We painted the fence Dug the Garden decorated and it was working back to losing weight.

I had started walking which I had not done for years . It started with a few laps of the Park. Then down to Hamilton and up Then further and further Quarter to Larkhall and home now I am doing he Clyde walkway stages and then my sons and I are doing the west highland way when we come out of lockdown. Its funny because I said to my class to let me know what they were walking and we would try to go from John o groats to lands end 837 miles. We did it in just over 3 weeks and are now at Blackpool on the way back up. I am covering an average of 60 miles a week on my own.

This kept me focussed and kept my weight coming off I am now at 6st as of this week and am in size 49 trousers and 1xl shirts. My aim is 1 more stone which will take me to around 16st where I will probably set my Target as at 62 I don’t want to be all flabby.

I love eating as I said and my wife and I still have big brunches and curries at the weekend its how you cook things that is important We do virtual classes now and I am one of the first in every Thursday as it keeps me motivated I look forward to catching up with my slimming world family each week. My only regret is it took me 26years to get back on plan

So come join me on my journey and start yours now 07787785262 Thank You Slimming World”


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