Looking for your Grassy Photos

As we all emerge from lockdown, there are parts of Blantyre (like everywhere else) now very overgrown. The Council have been out cutting the main public parks and are now turning their attention to verges and other council owned grassland spaces.

Before they do, we’re looking for YOUR photos of all the overgrown areas of Blantyre. The neglected, forgotten grass parks and verges. Throughout lockdown we’ve been creating a small publication to tell the full story of how Blantyre responded to Covid. From how it appeared, to the incredible volunteering efforts, to the impact on lives. We’d like to close that publication before printing, with an update on whats happening here in Phase 2 as things try to return to some sort of normality.

If you’re ok about them appearing in that small publication, credited to you of course, let’s see your grassy photos below. Thanks.


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