Scottish Schools to reopen full time

Scottish schools are now aiming to reopen full-time with no physical distancing in August if coronavirus continues to be suppressed, John Swinney has said at a press conference today.

Schools had been preparing to return with a “blended” model of face-to-face teaching and at-home learning, meaning pupils would only be in 2 days a week. However, this looks set to be scrapped.

The education secretary said “significant progress” had been made in controlling the spread of the virus and health data was continually improving, especially so in the last few weeks. Opposition parties called it a ‘u turn’ after several parents groups heaped on pressure.

Mr Swinney said the revised plan will have ministers now preparing for all schools to open full-time in August 11th, with pupils going back on 12th.

Covid news is fast moving this week. Many announcements are expected in the coming couple of weeks, some imminently. The easing of restrictions is happening at a pace, with some shops, pubs and restaurants urgently looking for their news next. Scotland is moving at a different pace from England and the other UK Nations and its clear we’re in a significant period of change again.

Have YOUR say. Parents….is todays news about schools welcome news?


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