Vehicle Accident at Burnbrae Road

A beautiful family cat lost its life this week at Burnbrae Road when a speeding driver couldn’t stop in time.

Owner Kira Hodge contacted us saying, “Today my little cat, ‘Loki’ was hit and killed by a driver who was clearly going far too fast. We were all out a walk as a family, our wee cat following as we crossed Burnbrae Road. The driver never thought to stop and proceeded to hit and kill him. He got out his car, apologised, then got back in his car and drove away.”

Kira continued, “I’m absolutely disgusted and wish I got his registration plate for reckless driving, so easily could have been a child. I’m absolutely heartbroken that my wee cat has gone. He was well known in the area and was loved. Everyone knew Loki. A big thank you to everyone who came out their houses to help by offering towels and blankets to wrap my pet. Loki was only 2.”

With more cars on the road again, it’s a reminder for us all to slow down when in town. Thinking of Kiras family at this sad time.


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