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An important post. Blantyre Telegraph’s Facebook Page is changing this evening to a new, improved model which will more directly support Blantyre good causes.

As you’ll be aware, over the last 9 years, Blantyre Telegraph has been entirely FREE online, with over 20,000 posts made and not one penny taken for this service. A monumental effort, it exists primarily to raise money for good causes. Be completely assured, that excellent service will continue to be FREE to a significant degree so you can continue to enjoy many of our posts. From this evening however, there is now an option for additional exclusive content by becoming a “supporter” ensuring direct financial support to Blantyre charitable causes.

Suspension of Magazine

In these times of COVID, it is no longer safe or viable to have a published magazine offline. This was fast becoming clear. So we’re announcing tonight the suspension of the  offline magazine indefinitely. Whilst the magazine worked quite well, we admit it only brought in a small amount of funds and it is not viable to be put into shops at present. Thank you to everybody who supported the magazine, to all our outlets for their support and especially to Gavin Watson Printers for their kindness.

Moving on to bigger and better things! Going forward, we’re launching this week a brand new fantastic, online mechanism for fundraising for Blantyre charitable causes. As always, we retain nothing at all. Every penny raised will be kept within the community. We’re excited to announce Facebook have now approved Blantyre Telegraph for SUPPORTER SUBSCRIPTIONS!

Supporter Subscriptions – How does it work? How does it affect you?

Basically, the local news on Blantyre Telegraph will continue to be posted daily as always, but with immediate effect, there will be 2 different types of membership. Your normal Free Membership…which will let you see some of the content and Supporter Membership, which for a small, affordable monthly payment of just £1.79 will let you access ALL content, with exclusive premium access, breaking news and more. With EVERY penny going towards Blantyre charitable good causes! (*Less Facebook’s fee). We hope this will raise lots of money for good causes in and around Blantyre, with fundraising entirely transparent.

YOU control your Supporter membership being able to cancel or join at any time, dropping in and out of monthly membership as you wish. Supporters are rewarded with perks such as:

  • Exclusive supporter content,
  • Breaking news stories,
  • Personal interactions,
  • Access to our hidden Supporters group,
  • Access to Exclusive Polls and
  • of course the brand new Blantyre Telegraph Supporter Badge showing you’re doing your bit for community fundraising!

Supporter Membership costs just £1.79 / month, which at half the price of a good coffee, we think represents tremendous value and will greatly assist fundraising. We hope you like this new ‘Supporter’ feature and agree that it’s entirely for a great cause. We’re tremendously proud of  what Blantyre Telegraph has accomplished these last 9 years and look forward to taking the page onwards and upwards in the coming years to further assist and serve the Blantyre Community as a whole.

Look for the “Become a Supporter” button on the Facebook page posts. Thanks for your continued support.

FB Blantyre Telegraph BOCS

FB Blantyre Telegraph BOCS



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