Coatshill Garden Prowler

A Blantyre resident awoke this morning Wednesday 12 August 2020 to discover somebody had been in her garden.

The woman heard a disturbance between 1am and 1.30am last night during the early hours of Wednesday which sounded like somebody trying her door handle in Coatshill Avenue. When she looked out her window, she couldn’t see anybody and this morning let her dogs out into the garden as normal. However, her gate had been opened by somebody during the night and her dogs escaped. (all caught thankfully now).

The woman thinks the garden intruder must have jumped the 6 ft fence to get into the back garden.

Its a reminder for everybody to lock their doors & also check gates before letting pets/small children out. This is a busy Coatshill Road and this could have easily have ended in tragedy this morning.

Screenshot 2020-08-12 at 20.32.39

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