August 2020 Award

The exciting bit! Once a month we make an award to local good causes, passing on all your monthly Blantyre Telegraph Support Subscriptions.

We’re thrilled, despite only having this service up and running for 19 short days, to be able to award David Livingstone Trust £195.47 towards the new Village Playpark! As Non-profit, we retained nothing.

This service in under 3 weeks is already raising just as much as our magazine previously did. It’s hoped the number of Supporters will continue to grow.

Well done! This was raised by YOU! A win/win for the community and for YOU… unlocking all content here! We’ll be posting over the weekend about the forthcoming cause for September. Thank you everybody. This Supporters feature has the potential to make a significant difference to many Blantyre causes.

Evidence of the award is shown below in the interests of transparency:

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